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Where will a Fatbike take you?

Publié le February 19, 2018

So you want to rent a fatbike

It’s time for an outdoor adventure. You’re not much for guided tours. You took a tour and you want to venture out on your own. You’re an avid cyclist, uninterested in winter slowing you down. You’re considering purchasing a fatbike, but want to spend some time on one first. You’ve seen them around, read about them, and want to give one a whirl in and around the city. Or, you’re fatbike-experienced and want to get out of town on one. Whatever brings you to this moment, wherever you’re planning to go, we’ve got you covered (and we’re offering special rates—more on that in a moment).

Why ride a fatbike?

Why not ride a fatbike? Since gaining popularity in the last few years, more and more people are seeing that fatbikes are an obvious choice for biking in the winter months. They can be used as a city or mountain bike, for practicality or pleasure. Their easy gearing and extra large tires make a day of riding outdoors possible in any weather. The low tire pressure makes them easy to handle and ride, and they’re built for ice and snow, so the beauty of Montreal winters and the joys of biking can be appreciated together at last. This isn’t a niche activity for die-hard cyclists only (though they’re known to enjoy a fatbike too), it’s an accessible activity for families, couples, friends, and solo cyclists who want to try something new.

Why rent from us?

We went into this business having ridden bikes all around the world, from Amsterdam to Vietnam. This experience, and our love of biking, is what made us confidant in this operation. It’s how we decided on the cruisers we chose for our regular rentals, as well as our city bikes, cargo and kids’ bikes. We’ve tried what’s out there, and we’ve made available to you what we’d want for ourselves. We make sure the bike you leave with is the right one for you, and if you’re looking for places to stop and sightsee, ride through and relax, or pause at for a snack—we’re happy to share our knowledge of Montreal. (We don’t mean to be egotistical here, but we feel confident given our past customers’ reviews.) As an added bonus: our prices are right. We’re not the only place you can rent a fatbike from, but our brand new special pricing is unparalleled at $35/day, $60/weekend, or $95 for a Monday through Friday rental.

Our fatbikes

The fatbikes we tour on and rent come from Moose Bicycle, also a Canadian (and currently Montreal based!) company with a love of life on two wheels. Moose is always on top of advancements in the bike world, and their bikes show it. Their bikes are a high-quality and stylish, and up for the job at hand.

Package deal

Every one of our rentals includes front and rear lights, and a solid lock. If you’re visiting Montreal from out of town, you might appreciate knowing that your rental also includes a nice clean helmet, a map of Montreal, and personalized suggestions on where you may want to check out. Our pricing is the best you’ll find for the quality of products and customer service we offer, with discounts on multi-day rentals.

Where to start

Our new location at Vélo Québec puts us right in front of the gorgeous Parc La Fontaine, a regular hangout for Montrealers and tourists alike. This can be the perfect literal starting point for your first time out on a fatbike. No need to travel to get in an experience you’ll appreciate, and even a couple of hours will do the trick to get you confidant riding on the snow.

Probably the foremost go-to spot for our customers is Mount Royal, the mountain in the middle of the city with a view that’s not to be missed. It’s the best of both worlds as far as nature and urban sights are concerned. There are marked trails and places to lock up at the top if you want to explore beyond the trails.

Parc Jean-Drapeau is also a popular spot, a park made up of two islands in the St. Lawerence River, and site of the Expo ’67, now the must-see Biosphere environmental museum. On weekends you can bring your fatbike on the metro, speed over to the park and then ride there.

Get out of town

If a trip out of town is more what you’re looking for, take a fatbike along for the ride. Here are some suggestions for spots you might want to hit, all within an hour’s drive from downtown Montreal:

Oka National Park, and the nearby Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka are an obvious choice for many reasons, distance and natural beauty included. Here you’ll find a network of snowshoe and fatbike trails during the winter, which are used as mountain biking trails in the summer months. There are B&B options for overnight and weekend trips, and don’t forget to visit Cistercian Abbey, where OKA cheese is made, still in its original spot. Get there by car in only an hour, or try a combination of commuter train and fatbiking to take you there (the ride will be 15 kilometers from where the AMT train drops you off).

Parc National de Saint-Bruno is an ideal trip for those with some fatbike experience already. You don’t have to be an expert, by any means, but the two available fatbiking trails are designed for the intermediate rider. Some evenings the cross-country ski trails are made available to fatbikes too; check out their website for details and schedules. It’s only 30-minutes from Montreal, so makes for a great day trip.

Both parks offer special events for fatbike riders, including demonstrations, exhibits, and fatbiking under the stars!

Bromont is set in the Eastern Townships and best known for its skiing, but the whole region is prime cycling territory too. A sophisticated road system and diverse landscape, you’ll find fatbike trails easily accessible from in town (the circuit is called Oak Mount Network, or Réseau du Mont Oak.)

The Aerobic Corridor Park hosts a set of old train tracks that have been converted into an awesome trail and riding experience. This is a great option for those who want to stray from the beaten path; what’s even better is that the location is still quite accessible.

Looking for more?

Get to know the paths and trails you can fatbike on throughout the province; Vélo Québec lists them all here.

Our new special fatbike rental rates are: $35 per day $60 per weekend (Saturday & Sunday) $95 for an extended weekend (Friday evening to Monday morning)

 To find out more, or to book, contact us at (+1) 514-521-8356 ext 311 or reservations@fitzandfollwell.co

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